Curtain Conundrum – Rods & Rails

by on Friday, March 1, 2013
Curtain Rods

Having a lovely set of curtains without curtain rods is like owning a sports car and not being able to drive. Understanding how and where to hang your drapes is one of the most important steps when considering a refit or purchase.

Let’s take a look at some popular curtain rod styles to help you make that all important decision!

Wooden Curtain Rods

Wooden Rods

Most certainly filed under the ‘traditional’ category, wooden curtain rods bring warmth into a living space. Darker finishes are better suited for theming a room, where lighter finishes are more discreet options for hanging your curtains.

Sometimes manufacturers offer a rope/chord to accompany your end-stops, adding to that authentic and undeniably rustic curtain theme.

Wooden rods and end-stops are often found in antique shops and boutiques so get rummaging!

Iron Curtain RodsIron Rails

Ironmongers are the usual suspects for iron rail & end-stop production, many of which resemble a contemporary style to compliment a minimal theme.

White walls and colder rooms are ideal living spaces for these metallic masterpieces, and with finishes ranging from smooth and soft to sharp and shiny these really are a great choice for contemporary curtains.

On a serious note, one must consider the practicalities of heavy iron rails. Make sure your end-stoppers are secure and keep them pointing sideways!

If you would like more information about choosing the right curtain rods or are simply in need of some practical advice, please get in touch with the Oxford Curtain Consultant.

Complicated Bay Windows!!

by on Thursday, March 15, 2012

Measuring & Installing Curtains or Blinds for Even the Most Complicated Bay Windows

I have just been to a house with 4 bay windows that need verticals installing in each – a measuring nightmare, as where the PVC joins the old architrave it is all at different levels.

Measuring Complicated Bay Windows for Curtain Installation

Here is a picture!

You’d think that measuring was fairly easy as you measure right next to the window, taking into consideration the handles of the windows. However, then you need to think of fixings on the ceiling and on the window frame if it is face fix. All manufactures seem to have different brackets with varying projection, so best to get hold of who is supplying before you order.

Here is a curved vertical blind I measured for in an Art Deco building in London. It was a big curve, so making a paper template of the cill was the best way forward.

Measuring a Curved Bay Window for Installing a Vertical Blind


I’ve got a great tool from silent gliss that tells me the angles and many curved and difficult bay window measured correctly and installed perfectly, so if you are desperate for help and someone who can recommend the right product for your bay, please get in touch and arrange a consultation.



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